Why the key to create wealth making business online is to understand first what wealth is?

Why the key to create wealth making business online is to understand first what wealth is?

How to avoid the desperation that comes for no results in sales: The solution.

Desperation for making money online is bad, why? Desperation is a state of the mind, the reality is what every one of us choose what our reality is, that is one of the most powerful statements you will ever hear about, indeed this is a very complicated concept, because according with this statement we can unfold to ask: If that is so, why people is poor and others are rich, but the reality is that the process of education over any subject is an a “awakening” of our conscience that “WE CAN DO” whatever we want to do, because “we can choose”; I am talking about a fundamental point about what make us humans: “we have the power to choose, and the power of not to choose”, the power to believe and the power of not to believe. When we are educated over marketing, we are awaken to what our real capabilities really are, also, we can realize about what an educated person is able to do helping more people and transforming individuals shaping leaders of the industry, leaders in home, leaders in our own community, and the reason why happen this, is because we are in the industry of the human transformation. The industry where we are, is when an individual sees by himself that is possible to reach the hearts of others and move people at the point of really inspire them, and at that moment is when “something within us is awaken” and we begin to believe in ourselves, we begin to believe that is possible to produce wealth, we start to believe  that is possible to open our mind and hearts to inspire others to begin to believe that we can aspire to live better, begin to believe that we can choose to help and up build others instead of hate and discourage, we can begin to believe that is possible to choose to have better results, to take better desitions every day, that is possible when exist mastermind with people that have found the path to a better life and start to believe, aspire to an specific income and share knowledge with others, pay them for been taught by them about new skills in communication for helping to people to “understand” why they should buy a product that contains many hours invested in the crafting of a course about a new tool, about a new ways to get prospects, in understanding others and be able to really help them how they can help to themselves and be better prepare to respond to their own reality and gain control of their life.

Why desperation don´t help in making money online?

Desperation is a lower state of the mind, the nature of the feeling is related with the natural instinct to be alive in dangerous situations while an animal or an intelligent creature such a person is in danger, “fear” triggers the “desperation” and the muscles are activated to run away from whatever danger facing to that creature that reacted to protect itself from the apparent danger, and I repeat, that include us; “fear” and “desperation” is naturally connected with a the basic instincts where is not necessary to think or scheme a plan to react, nop, is just a matter of “reacting” but not “acting”, acting is intimate related  with the intelligence, with the higher powers we have, acting is “downloading” knowledge from the source, from the universe, from God, from the one that created all. All the knowledge is already here, but part of our mission in life is to become aware that it exist, in reality, when there is a human discovery, like advancements in science, new techs, all that smart “solutions” to make better use of the natural resources of the planet are just “discoveries” of something that already exist and that by taking advantage of something that has been since always in our planet we can improve our existence gaining a better quality of life. All that has been said is because, all the generated knowledge we know, the past and the present, now is part of the compendium shaping our heritage as humanity, the bigger and most important heritage is “who we are?” and “what we are there in this planet for?”, all the discoveries made by us, all convey into that fundamental questions that we all want, because the answers are the reasons that explain our mission as humanity, without this reasons, there is just the natural instinct of basic survival such as “desperation” and “fear”. As humans, what is really feeding us in a spiritual sense is the different approaches we can “make up” in our search of who we really are: “what we are here for?” and this is the reason why we need to understand to ourselves and also the fundamental questions lying beside us that in an individual manner and also as humanity want to find. Now with all has been said until now, we can understand better why is so important we buy “information” from others, from more experience marketers, because they have accumulated valuable data in an orderly way about how to “awaken” others; in a way, for me there is no doubt about the fact that we will be transformed into better human beings because all that info “downloaded” and previously digested and explain maybe in a marketing course presented during the course in an easy way to comprehend the information is going to “awaken us” in deeper ways because we going to see important ways to share that “food” or “information” we are searching as humanity, maybe just going to be the mastering of a new marketing tool, or maybe just going to be a webinar that going to spire us some testimonials with amazing people having results in their lives, but, let´s ask… ¿what is inspiration?, is help us to “believe” and “awaken us” that we are traveling in time and space, but also in a much deeper way, called “spirituality”, this is a special realm where we can “understand” a reality that we cannot touch or see with the physical eyes but we all feel is already here.

Wealth:  An energy transmission. 

This is another important aspect of understanding what wealth is: a transmission of energy, what energy? the energy invested in downloading that wealth from the source, for example, our money is constructed over systems, the electronic ones in order to continue to function, also, the international “money game” were all the countries of the globe are in, where big amount of energy and technology is invested in order to construct the economical worldwide money system all in place, but all that “game” is based “over knowledge”, that is why the most rich people earn more money because they have access to “buy valuable information” about the “last that has been “downloaded” or knowledge generated. “Energy can´t be destroy just be transform” and money is energy shaped into a “common game we all agree to play” because our very nature is to transmit among us knowledge and information, and money is the channel to share “value” to others, a bill can be the result of time and energy invested in there, we can say that energy where invested to generate that bill; reach people earn money easier because they work with “nets” and “systems”, nets and systems of “knowledge and information executed by the hands of people that play mechanical tanks in many different levels, there are levels that can be complex where high education is needed, “more knowledge” is needed about “how to operate at that level of mechanization and systemization, off course a certain amount of intelligence by the way of overseering the fulfillment of the necessities of that required job that shape an specific “space” in the “all” of that system; “simple” or “complex” but that “job position” is a “space ready for been filled with a person with the profile fitting for covering that assignment; an assignment is part of a system. Systems over systems, the more systems we are able to use, the position we going to play is somehow going to be as when a driver drives a car, the car is the product of many systems putted to work, the car is a “solution” for a problem, the problem is: how to transport whatever is needed with easiness, the driver can drive for wherever direction he want his car goes, he decide where to go; using a system represent using a vehicle with some specific goal to target, a system is constructed to solute a problem, that is the reason systems exist; the ones using “sales systems” are able to fulfill an objective: take leverage over that system to solve the problem of “the ´sales process´ and leaving to the system the sales process until the sale is closed”; every system is for solving a specific task, the system I am using right now for writing has the objective to deliver you this body text because I want to communicate with you right through wherever place you are right now, this software is a system and is the “result” for many people working for it´s existence, and I can use it for systematizing and automatizing the delivery of this this body text doesn´t matter if it is delivered to you and to a other 10,000 people at the same time; when I am not present the system will continue to work and going to be fulfilling the reason of its existence, a sales process do the same. In a good model, the assignment of the one using the system is to “be present or attentive” at the attention of the people that are been submitted to the process of the system; the system is created to carry on the prospect trough out  the sales process and make easy for the prospect to buy and to the user of the system to close the sales; a good sales system give you feed back and the result of the process is predictable, because is a proven system that already sell, also, a good system that is provided with a good engineering must to have the capability to create feedback in different manners in order to help the administrator of the systems to maintain it and improve it. I good sales system is something intelligent to have because it avoids you to developed not convenient states of the mind such as desperation because is a planned process and because is already automatized and can´t be altered by your occasional mood, or any variable that exist in your daily life, rich people automatized and systematized because people with the education over the value of systems can see it´s value and the tremendous leverage this can provide to the user of the system.


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