Why give people freely…

Why give people freely…

Give is an attitude and produces abundance with in us.

What happen with you plan a little seed on the ground?… we allow one seed goes away from us, we give it back to the ground and the nature give back a glorious tree!, isn´t that beautiful? We didn´t almost nothing, we just have a little thought, we just feel compel for wherever reason to put that seed back to the place it came from… and the nature give us back a complete tree. We did´t make it rained, we didn´t produce the ear, the components of the ground, the moister, nothing but we just take a little action to give away back.

Look around you and there is abundance everywhere, in the amounts of neurons, in the components of our blood, in the ear, the number of stars, in all the universe in reality is fill with abundance, in reality the concept “little” just exist in our minds because the universe is so vast.

Give back what in not yours…

When a person gives something another one, wherever good it is, an object or words of encouragement, when we share, since the motive of love, so then we are actually planting a seed in the heart of that person. As humans we have the ability to be as giant as we want, we can grow in an unseen dimension to physical eyes, that dimension is the spiritual person we can be inside, this dimension exist, we can know something exist, if not by physical prove like touching or smelling but for the effects it causes in the around, for example, scientist even can measure the material a star is compose of because the “effect” in causes in the spectrum of color when reflected, and so. If something exist, somehow it causes an effect, when we give away base on love, thinking in exercising a good or helping over the matter, so, our actions, going to cause an effect, something is going to be set, and with time it going to produce it´s fruitages, that is for sure, maybe the humans are some special because we have the necessity also to be feed with a special food that can´t be seen to physical eyes but we can be aware of it´s effects every day: Love. We need love to live, we need it as we need food, we must to give away not for encouraging poorness, or kind of promoting laziness, but directing or intentions when we give to love and eventually the feedback will come.

Our give away muscle…

We have since born our “give away” muscles, with time we need to make the strong, this “muscles” are our will, our conscience, or awareness and the more we practice our muscles, the better they going to respond right at the very moment. The amazing Bob Marley ones he say “the bad work every day so how could I rest one day?” he was right, we must to develop or ability to give over the basis of love, we just need let things “flow” because all we have in life, in reality nothing come from us, we just made the universe send us a little portion of the vastness is contain within, if we have abundance, we just need to allow the “flows” in the universe, we are part of the universe, and that is the reason we can have abundance, because we don´t have abundance but the abundance have to us, if you move in the “abundance”, so, let it flow in the right direction, the direction of love, we can direct our thoughts to the vastness of the universe and choose to “give away”, I think the more we practice, the more we fortify our “give away” muscles. Now for taking the subject by the horns, I have created this Free service in my blog, hope be useful for people entering to the blog subject, I love blogging and I love to write as well, I think there is some sort of magic in writing, we must to do what we like and this is something I like, this is something I “have”, so, I decided to open in my blog a free service. Is about to help you to Install your blog for free service without charge contact me on Face Book and if you need my service, so I could help you.


With appreciation and respect.

I am passionate about the subject of Network Marketing, I keep improving my skills by always be learning something, always making the most for reaching out new friends, I keep positive and I enjoy helping and teaching others, spending time with my friends. My favorite quotes are: "Whether you think you can or you can not, with the two options can be right." :-)
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