Picture taken from Flirk, original image clik here in this link.

With this secret, the copyrighted pictures for blogging is already solved forever.

This is a common problem all bloggers have, if any blogger takes images that do not belong to him there can be some serious copyright problems. So… Is there any good idea to solve all this problem?

The solution is always be getting images with our smartphone, always shooting and documenting all we do, even if a picture at the moment seems not necessary, maybe later we can use it in another context.

The other solution is this: http://flirk.com 

Check this:

Use the Flirk links when you publish your Flirk content on another site. Flirk allows publishing in another website’s content that is stored in Flirk. The web pages from another website where is displayed content that belong to Flirk.com most show the link to the original web page of each picture or video. In this way can be obtained more information about the content and also about the photographer.

Hope you like this info.

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