The marketing Funnel

Interesting question considering that is easy to answer but at the same time is difficult to create one or even better… is difficult to develop one due to lack of marketing understanding or skills handling technological tools of communication. All the tools are online and are at the reach of everyone willing to invest in education, I say so, because, is absolutely necessary we don´t behave cheap with our own education because otherwise, we will not grow in knowledge and new skills for becoming more which is far more important than “want to have more” but, “be more” is more important, this is even logical, at least this is what I have understand all this time learning how to get better sales reaching better prospects, the more qualify we are, the betters prospects we would be able to reach, and a marketing funnel will show up who is behind that funnel, people will feel and notice that, is easy to see a good offer, but, remember, people don´t buy the offer but buy to the one how is offering that offer, and here is again, the concept we are discussing since the begging of this article: “what is a marketing funnel?”, that will be intrinsically attached to “who we are”, but of course, this “problem” to solve has two sides: One is “how we are working to become to be” and the other is “the amount of technological skills about marketing”, at least in this era, if we really want to become professionals in the “marketing” field, we must to understand this, without techy skills is impossible we even dream about reach bigger audiences with a global market at hand, and the internet allow us to do that, especially in the multilevel marketing and all the enormous amount of education at a click for our disposition, lets emphasize about the levels of “systemization” we can leverage of, that is why the reason is of paramount importance this subject.

¿Is it complex to develop a marketing funnel?

Yes it is. The real truth is that, yes, is complex, is as complex as have the right amount of information and skills even to build up a complete online business that can take you to earn lot of money, probably even with the real possibility to create an entire legacy not for you alone but for a hole organization of people working together with technology spread all over the globe, Yes, that is possible and is a real statement, personally I belong to one of this business, in fact I have my own business, but I´m an average person, I´m not really the techy guy that maybe you are thinking I am, nop, I´m just another guy, but do you remember I tell you that we can get “levels of systemizations” well, that is truth, if you can´t because lack of expertise in marketing or skills in tech or wherever reason, maybe you are a mom with not much time to build up an online business, well, in that case, buy one system, the techy exist and allow to do that, in my personal opinion, if you ask me, I´m not really as good as for building a hole online business, but… what I do is… I do believe is “systemization” and “duplication”, I believe due to the worldwide marketing trends that is possible to buy a system and start working right away with a very easy training and basic level of skills and understanding been good where we are already good: be good in human relationships, and know how to make new friends, that two different areas in a franchisee model is “dealing with the customer”, so… “yes” is difficult to develop a marketing funnel but as salvation we can buy a franchisee systems.

¿How I take advantage of a marketing funnel?

When you buy a system, you can take advantage right away, but how is that so? Simple, when you enter to one of these programs, you get a back office, and you have tools at your disposition for making all the tracking of your customers, sells, and all related to your business, the administrators of one of this systems are investing lot of money in getting better everything, graphics, design, tech people to administer videos, they make the webinar sales, they teach you all you need to know for getting the fast start without experience, they lead the whole community for arranging live seminars in different locations, they take charge of all related to the selling technologies as for dealing with credit cards, refunds, and all of that hustles, in the live webinar calls they invite the best of the best out there, the best gurus in the industry for transmitting they experience. We can say that we are “in close touch” with the best of the best in “making money online”, this really can become very complex because the trends and the technologies as well as the strategies are changing all the time because the market is always evolving, is changing faster, without the help of this communities would be virtually impossible to follow by ourselves the fast track the market is letting behind, today is possible to the tremendous leverage we take on communication technologies. And for finishing this subtitle… answering the question, again, lets explain how we can advantage of a marketing funnel: Maintain and build a funnel that really sell is difficult because require to invest in: education, time, effort, skills, technology and money, and many times, the good funnels require lots of it, lots of money, cause marketing must to be “moving” must to be improving because the “funnel” will not be the only one working, there is a huge marketing looking the same; prospects and customers, probably, the MLM and the Online Making Money industries, are the most competitive of the world. Let´s add that this is real, the techs and all the conditions, al the components for having a real business are already here, but we must to choose a good one, you must to find the one where the movers and shakers of this industry are. If you want to find information of one of the best comps and every day growing opportunities for having your own business online, let me give you a link for finding one of the best out there.

¿Would you like to know more?

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