man-with-board-03Do I am talking about professional coaching services for reaching out success?, Yes.

What about taking coaching with me? but first, if we talk about “success”…

That may push us to ask by logic: What is success?

The answer to this question carry the secret to understand how to leverage with technology for making money with a marketing strategy.

I´m not going to come with you with some weird chatting about “success” but there is something important to tell that applies to you and me about understanding who is the appropriate one to help us to take a fast track building our own marketing strategy. 

Everyone has it´s own opinion about what is “success”, and we must to add that every person giving his own opinion shape and contribute a little portion of the truth about the right and definite answer of what “success” really is, as for my part, the portion of “success” I can offer you is also a small portion of the big “truth”.

I been investing money and countless hours in front of my PC trying to figure it out how to build up a marketing strategy on line and also how to get leverage with technology, how to get a real  “business online”.

Hi my name is Arturo Montes, and when I tell you: I “I offer you my success” mines that I can help you to solve the problem you have right now about “building your own business online”, because if you feel you are in troubles right now: yes, you are.

Is not your fault, is just the “conditions” in which we are right now: “We have access with a click of a button to more information than our brains can actually process”, as simple as that, of course we have infinite capacity, I know also that, is a fact, but we need a little bit of guidance for “ordering” what we need to process, and that is “coaching”, also let me tell you another important truth: In this information era, as a matter of fact “if someone is even 24 hours ahead in advance taking understanding over a specific subject mines that person is technically in such a position for teaching us”, and that my friend is call leverage: “take advantage gaining momentum with help over the effort of others”, efforts in time, in knowledge, in experience, even if it is about just 24 hours in man-with-check-sign-01advance, that difference in extreme cases could save even life, take leverage, definitely that is a smart thing to do. Out there we can find outstanding examples of smart people like Henry Ford who understood this core concept for searching out “success”.

Tell me, what is smarter and faster: Become a Guru or hire a Guru? that is my point, and is exactly what Henry Ford did every day in his company, the was surrounded with very clever people: his employees.

Talking about Henry Ford´s people to be honest, I think I´m not that clever 🙂 but I can support giving you coaching time, and offering you all I have in a strength to the point conversation one to one about how to order you a little bit in order to help you to understand faster how to leverage with technology for having as faster as possible the “solution” for making money on line. By the way of an overall over view I can tell you the answer going to be “systematization” but my job is help you to see the “when, how, and where”, I´m the guider, but you are the one that must to take action. Right now I have my own system for working and for making money online an a little prove of it is that you are reading this page right now and I tell you this: My solution, my system is absolutely duplicable and forget even the slightest idea about “some who” giving me ever not even a single penny coming out of your pocket, nop, not even one time, this is about making usage of technology, I´m talking about the last techies for networking and teaming for making synergy and producing real sales online.

I don´t going to lie you, there is effort implied on this, this is a real work, no dirty tricks for scamming, this is the path for having a business online. During the coaching session, we can talk about the main area of my straight and the “hot spots” of question you have for clarifying a little bit more what you can do about for entering into “action”.

The areas I know I can help you with to shorten the time you going to invest “getting the point”. I will be absolutely pleased to be able to help you, and proved for myself ones more how the technology communications are the present miracle we can work with every day and even better, we can network with people as never before in history.

The subjects I can support you with:

I been here understanding almost for 3 years now over the very appealing and big subject: “how to communicate looking to network and help people to use technology for working from home and making money”, so I can tell you that I´m pretty sure I don´t have all the answers but I can teach you how to duplicate to do what I´m doing now:


  • How to leverage with technology over a sales system for been able to do business online.
  • Understand how to do it faster.
  • How to have an amazing and automatized sales system in less than 24 hours, ready to make sales online.
  • What is the first of the first for entering into the “Online business world”.
  • Attraction Marketing.
  • Personal branding.
  • Multilevel Marketing Online (The basis for the online strategy)
  • Marketing Social Media.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Networking mentality.
  • Blogging.
  • The “online marketing strategy” as a synchronized united singleness.
  • Guidance to assemble an automatized marketing prospecting system.



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If you are ready to schedule a private Coaching session 1 – 1 with Arturo, so…


Fill out and send this aplication to

Aplication to fill out:

  1. First name and Second name.
  2. Actual company if any, and if you have been in others, maybe just mentions it as well.
  3. Time as a Networker:
  4. Country.
  5. Which ones are the actual obstacles you are having right now in your business?
  6. Is there any specific area that you think my coaching services may help you. Explain Why.
  7. Define maybe the area over you would like we center the attention in order I shape a picture about the coaching time, that may be helpful for you to take the fullest advantage possible for your investment.
  8. What books, seminars or information, etc. you have invest your time and money lastly over the subject ‘networking’ and ‘network marketing’?.
  9. I accept the applications of people that genuinely want to leverage a start in business as professional networkers in their own companies, tell me, how can you explain me you are a person with the right disposition to break paradigms and give the maximum effort to learn new methods for making this happen?
  10. Are you ready to invest money in your own education? Think in this tough and truthful phrase: “The one that do not invest in education, automatically is investing in ignorance”





Ones You send your aplication to,

you going to recived more information about how to finish

your personalized coaching process.

I review personally all the aplications for coaching. For the moment, I´m just acepting a maximum of 5 students at a time by month, after you send your aplication by mail, i going to replay you for condinating the date and hour via skype, if you have doubts about how to use skype, so, you may visit this online adress for more information. Click here

Ones you recived the replay in response  to your  aplication, it going to contain the next info:

1) All data to condinate the coaching session.

2) You will be recived a electronic adress with the options to make your payment via: Visa,  Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Money Gram or MoneyOrder.



Are you ready to invest money in your own education?

Think in this tough and truthful phrase:

“The one that do not invest in education automatically is investing in ignorance”

  • Indicate the amount of time that you require to schedule. In case you want more hours, stress it please.
  • Feel free to comment absolutely anything about any subject or comments you want, were ever you think may add value to your couching session. All you tell me is important in order I can examine carefully the information and it help me to understand about your business and have an overall insight for helping you the better I can. I going to make sure you take the maximum possible for your investing.
  • Indicate the option you prefer for making your payment, if you prefer via PayPal, I will send you directly a mail with the payment option to your inbox, is very easy due to is chargeable with credit card.

Coaching Prices.

  • One hr. US67.00
  • Two hrs. US97.00
  • Three hrs. US137.00
  • Four hrs. US167.00 (2 sessions of 2 hrs. each)
  • Ten hrs. US377.00 (Integral Coaching Pack With 5 sessions of 2 hrs)



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