What good is having a blog while you are in a MLM company?

Do you still watching people posting stuff about the MLM companies all over the internet? Have you ask why? Have you ask why many people have a site like mine arturomontess.com and people like me oftenly talk subjects about duplication and advice in general about MLM? What if I tell you that now is possible to monetized your business by having multiple streams of income while you still in the primary MLM Company? What if I tell you that the concept of “your business” does not mean that you are in a MLM sharing a good product with the enormous support or a big company and a compensation plan? Yes, having a business means more than that, it means that if you have a business YOU HAVE A BUSINESS, interesting right? It means that you are in a position to share value to others, means that you are a channel for delivering something “people want”, means that you have the means for doing it and that you are in a position to “fill spaces of need” for a market that you have targeted because you have the training and skills to search out that target; the market target is: people, that means that people is an audience, and an audience is people ready to listen your message. The “product” you want to deliver is the perfect excuse to deliver your message, people want “leadership” want to meet the right people to make business with, they want the right people to learn from “how to solve their problems”, a problem is the need they want to full out and your audience is awaiting for you to teach them how to solve their need in the best possible way and in consequence they want to meet the more professional and more expert company or “leader” in the field about their particular interest, if the audience want to “solve how to loose weight” they want the best leader with the best product, people want the best offer with the best product. But again: What good is having a blog while you are in a MLM company? Answer: you are looking for an audience, BUT what kind of audience? Remember what I have just said: and audience to deliver a “message”, what message? Well, that depends of the kind of audience, for example: if I am in a MLM company, obviously I want downlines right? But why people would want to join me if they doesn´t even know me? They don´t trust me, they have not hear anything about me before, I don´t represent nothing for them, so, what shall I do to solve that problem? Answer: “look for an audience”, for instance, let´s say that I identify that many people want to attract leads to their business, but… what about if I gain technological skills and communication skills and I become a professional on the particular subject of: “attracting prospects with technology to your own business”, or let´s put another example, let say that I identify an audience that is interested in how to blog for communicating with people for looking prospects over the internet because a networker “need to meet people” for having a business and I teach about “how to use a blog in the best possible way to communicate with people while blogging” certainly that going to be a great subject because we are living right now a special time where blogs are having a huge impact in all the fields in the internet, probably the blog phenomenon is a manner of democratization of the “power of opinion”, ok, let´s say that I have a blog like that, I am going to attract people over that subject, and there after people going to meet me, and with the time I going to have the chance to prove that I have value to offer, I have leadership to offer, and from there on, a gate is open to a vast field of “new opportunities” for providing value to others, and filling empty spaces of need, like “what needs”?

Having a blog is really the first step toward getting better your business?

“The breach between you and your success is the discipline”. A blog is a breach that can help you to connect with new people you want to meet, BUT not for “wanting something from people” but better say is: for GIVING to people, that is a key point, nobody wants be seen by others “as a prospect” but as person, MLM is a business about “people helping people”, and “people working with people”, although apparently MLM distributors need “people” for their business as a body needs blood to live but the distributor perception is about distributors NEEDING new DISTRIBUITORS, so we are talking about an absolutely mistaken approach, a total new paradigm is needed to chance, a total new way to approach the problem about meeting people, and the change is: “giving them value instead of wanting something from people”. So with the last say, now we can answer the question: Having a blog is really the first step toward getting better your business? And the answer is: NO, having a blog is not the first steps, the first step is really wanting to become a more professionalized person in business and really WANTING to improve in the rooted nerve subjects related to the profession of “Becoming a Networker” and changing the way to think and the way to react. As is seen, a great part of the PROBLEM to cover is the maneuvering of new technologies and all the new skills that most to be developed with them to use them. Personally I love computers and computers love me, but what about the people that computers don´t love them? Are they out of game? No, they are not, we are at a technological stage that is possible to work with systems, with already proven systems that “sell”, but remember this word: sell is not anymore at this point of this article under the old paradigm, but under the new one, “sells” means: to teach, provide value, to guide, to demonstrate that the model already works and the most important: to demonstrate that the model is duplicable. Duplicity in a business model only can be related with one word: a FRANCHISEE model; I know, all this sound very complicated, but is not, in fact, to fully understand what I am talking about is just needed a “basic training” about “how to use the model” and that is precisely the reason “why is duplicable” because anyone with the decision to make It can do it. The first step to do something is “not giving the first step” but to “want to give the first step”, I am talking about taking a decision, a decision is a magic moment where we “choose” and there after that choose, we “create” something that wasn´t there before, before something exist in the real word most to START to exist in the mind of the creator of the idea, we can create or own personal world  with our own outcomes because “we can if we choose it”, I love that words because as simple as they sound they are very powerful statements that really can transform completely our very lives.

Why sale systems “take me away” one of the biggest obstacles for starters?

What obstacles are we talking about and what a system is going to take away? Probably ALL problems to start, the problems I am talking about are: all techy problems, even the ones that must to be solve by computer engineers and expensive technical stuff; why I say so? Because working with systems is the cleverest movement we can take toward having value to offer that can be monetized because the value to offer has been packed and the marketing has already been developed and is ready to go in the market, do I am telling you that at some point the value turns into commercial products for sale? If you buy them and they are good products then, that certainly is going to help you to professionalize even more your business. Do you think is a good idea to offer value to others and invest time, money and energy, teaching to people and in the process want a reward for all your hard work? I think that is pretty fair, but what part is free and that part is for charge? The answer is: “EVERYTHING IS A SALE”, and “IN EVERY MOMENT WHERER YOU REALIZED IT OR NOT A SALE IS BEEN MADE” yes in every moment of live a transfer of information or knowledge is taking place, that is our nature, online, is the same, is you are offering some insight about something in reality a sale is taking place, if you are offering a product a sale is taking place, in the market are good products and bad products, but as natural sellers and buyers is our own responsibility to buy just the best and also is a matter of ethic to sell just the best. Other part of the answer for short in this article is: escalation, this matter has to do with the quality of the products a seller is offering, his clientele is going to felt comfortable with the acquisition and if the seller is the right person, maybe the buyer at some point is going to take the decision to make business with him. Sales systems take away much of the troubles for starters because a system helps you to concentrate in the most important and convenient part of a systematized sales process: “public relations” and “client attention”. A system most to have “human face”, and that is so because we don´t buy to systems neither we buy to machines, a sale is a transfer of value from one human to another, is impossible we make business with something is not a person, but we must to prove our value first to sell the message that if someone is willing to make business with us we are worthy for it. If you want to learn marketing for developing your own brand and improve even more your business…


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