My opinion about the networking industry.

Google profilePassing along through the entire graphic design education process at the university all that stuff I were taught to think for fitting into the “corporation world” but I observed something was not “entirely” ok with that model: low incomes, low opportunities, few or nothing professional growing, I thought this was something “local”, maybe just in my country, or maybe even something about a latin American problematic, but this is not a “local” phenomenon, good FaceBook friends all over the globe tell me the same song: Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, Peru, the answer is the same: Low incomes, do you want to know why? The reason is simple: Rich became richer and poor became poorer, in USA this problematic is already a well-known fact: middle class is disappearing, so, when a person starts to think and educate about network marketing, this amazing industry makes available the right information to understand what in reality is going on here, in this industry we can find the right people, the right connections, the right leaders to follow and the facts understand the name of the bigger picture called: “Constant Change”, just as universe is always changing, and that information help us to start to think out of the box and then an entirely new perspective begin to take place, the paradigms start to change and others vehicles enter into consideration that opens new doors, self-improvement, network marketing, healthier life styles with vegetables and better food, natural alternatives as for searching health, and new concepts start to come out: “unlearn what we have been taught even since little children” about job, about how to generate economy, and even sometimes, a whole process about emotional education, a unlearning process for making new room to ideas. At this point is where a person start to learn new abilities, new tools, trainings almost everywhere especially in this ‘internet era’, opportunities to attend to live events, emotional education and so on… just as I say, new doors open to an entire industry were we can see new opportunities for development in the main areas in life, there is also space for new friends, new dreams. That is what happens in network marketing, people developing people. And is just fantastic to realize that we are at the edge of a total new paradigm about networking and helping others to grow, we are living the ‘information era’, is amazing how we can communicate with people at the other side of the planet, even if I think about it, still amazing me, maybe I will never get used to it; the facts show the worldwide market tendencies, modern networkers are moving at the pace of the changes, we can mention for example the economist Ph. Paul Zane Pilzer. I can tell you right now there is one single certainty in life: the only constant in universe is ‘change’, in economy, in education, on how we can bound with others, the ways to market.


My arrival to the MLM

Don´t ask me the exact day, but somehow, I were prospected to enter into the network marketing, and since there, my life chance direction. Nothing is coincidence, just causality exist. Now, I´m doing what I have to do, but just let´s say that I fall in love of this industry because of what I can watch in it: opportunity for you and for me. That is why I am here.


Why coaching is also for you.

If you are reading these lines right now, so it mines you think the same as me, also mines that you are looking for information because you know what I know: You also can see this industry is good for both, and you are right, I think you are right, I think the same way. The same search you are making, I have made it as well and I have found amazing people in the internet that literally has alter the course of my decisions, and with this new way to communicate I have allow them to mold my thoughts as well. I´ll tell you a truth, this path is not easy, to find the decision to change is not easy, to think is not easy, if that were easy, we could see a world turn into a dreamed paradise were poverty does not exist, but we are playing the big game of reality were new opportunities arouse and others cease to function, things go up, and others go down. Industrialized era has ended since long ago. Now, we are in the time were an internet site can become so important even in mounts that we can refer to it as it is in reality: real state on line and it can become to be worth a real fortune, we have many examples of this kind.  I can tell you that you are in the right place. If you are looking for professional advice to build your brand online, I can help you. I could give you examples about very important people hiring advisers, if that is what you are looking for, I congratulate you for that. Think that even in the case I could tell you just one single good idea may be that could represent an important change and income in your finances. This is business and as serious networkers, the cleverest we can do is relay upon other networkers. This is the highway of information, and you are right at the entrance of my professional coaching services. I hope we can network and share you the best at my reach.



With Friendship


 The Subjects We Can Deal With Are:

  • How to leverage technology over a sales system for being able to do business online.
  • Understand how to do it faster.
  • How to have an amazing and automatized sales system in less than 24 hours, ready to make sales online.
  • What is the first of the first for entering into the “Online business world”.
  • Attraction Marketing.
  • Personal branding.
  • Multilevel Marketing Online (The basis for the online strategy)
  • Marketing Social Media.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Networking mentality.
  • Blogging.
  • The “online marketing strategy” as a synchronized united singleness.
  • Guidance to assemble an automatized marketing prospecting system.



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Application to fill out:

  1. First name and Second name.
  2. Actual company if any, and if you have been in others, maybe just mentions it as well.
  3. Time as a Networker:
  4. Country.
  5. Which ones are the actual obstacles you are having right now in your business?
  6. Is there any specific area that you think my coaching services may help you. Explain Why.
  7. Define maybe the area over you would like we center the attention in order to I make me a clearer idea about the coaching time, that may be helpful for you to take the fullest advantage possible on your investment.
  8. What books, seminars or information, etc. you have invested your time and money lastly over the subject ‘networking’ and ‘network marketing’?.
  9. I accept the applications of people that genuinely want to leverage a start in business as professional networkers in their own companies, tell me, how can you explain to me you are a person with the right disposition to break paradigms and give the maximum effort to learn new methods for making this happen?
  10. Are you ready to invest money in your own education? Think of this tough and truthful phrase: “The one that does not invest in education automatically is investing in ignorance”




Ones You send your application to,

you going to receive more information about how to finish

your personalized coaching session.

I review personally all the applications for coaching. For the moment, I´m just accepting a maximum of 5 students at a time by month, after you send your application by mail, I´m going to replay you for coordinating the date and hour via skype, if you have doubts about how to use skype, so, you may visit this online address for more information. Click here

Ones you received the reply in response  to your  application, it going to contain the next info:

1) All data to coordinate the coaching session.

2) You will be received an electronic address with the options to make your payment via Visa,  Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Money Gram or MoneyOrder.

Are you ready to invest money in your own education?

Think in this phrase:

“The one that does not invest in education automatically is investing in ignorance” By Jim Rhon.

  • Indicate the amount of time that you require to schedule. In case you want more hours, stress it, please.
  • Feel free to comment absolutely anything about any subject or comments you want, where ever you think may add value to your coaching session. All you tell me is important in order to examine carefully the information and it help me to understand about your business and have an overall insight for helping you the better I can. I going to make sure you take the maximum possible for your investing.
  • Indicate the option you prefer for making your payment, if you prefer via PayPal, I will send you directly a mail with the payment option to your inbox, is very easy due to is chargeable with credit card.

Coaching Prices.

  • One hr. US67.00
  • Two hrs. US97.00
  • Three hrs. US137.00
  • Four hrs. US167.00 (2 sessions of 2 hrs. each)
  • Ten hrs. US377.00 (Integral Coaching Pack With 5 sessions of 2 hrs)

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