How to write in your blog providing good content forever

How to write in your blog providing good content forever


His is a very good subject, some days ago I was talking with one of my best friend and this subject comes to the table, and let me tell you what I think about this, I think that at first sight the idea to blog can be a little bit intimidating because blogging is about to provide value to people, that is the bottom of all of this, what benefit could be in writing without targeting to the main and most satisfying goal that any human could have in life: ‘Serve others’, without this objective in life, a healthy and balanced human life could not be possible, advancements in science, medicine, arts, and on any activity we may have,

exercise an impact in others people life even by default, and the measurement of how ‘good’ of ‘bad’ is something depends on this impact over the human family in fact, any idea wherever it may be is good or bad is in function of the size of impact or innovating level over “humanity” and from there on, we can target the usage over the ‘praxis’ of that idea, I meant, the value of an idea would be in function on how it going to ‘modify’ the surrounding, this could be at a mental level, for example how that idea modify our inner perception, and correspondingly that idea would modify our outer perception maybe to some specific field in our life, and that idea, does not matter if just affect to just 10 humans, ideas are so powerful that could ignite a chain reaction over the many because human evolve up unstopinly, for example in México in the 2012 national presidential campaign, occur an event that initiate a general dislike and a series of protest on the street almost in all the country took place and the event that ignites this chain reaction were just one single event inside of a private university, so, one thing goes to the another, and the same happen with all we are blogging for the public expositions, this ideas are encouraging for us for the ones are writing, actually the goal is to move conciseness in several ways, and about the kind of content, well, just think about this fact, we humans, can influence others just by the merely presence even in silence, one of the more amazing ‘powers’ we have is something that I would like to named ‘divine’, that feature is our ability to ‘communicate’, just let other know we exist and tell them what kind of ‘thoughts’ our self been is producing daily, I would be dare to say that there is nothing more interesting in this world than to know we have ‘company’ I meant other humans and more interesting than that is: ‘To know that they are actually thinking’, so just blog about your thoughts, they will never finish, try to create a creative environment for you, arrange your furniture in a way that you feel comfortable, have a pet, massage your pet, develop the capacity to amazed even with the simple things in life like the birds, the barking of the dog´s neighbor, observe a little caterpillar going by a small olive and think in the amazing engineering work that it´s small body represent, maybe that small creature and it´s biological engineering could be the key to create a robot for solving the parking problems in the cities, breath, eat well, do all the possible in your hands in order you be in a focus state, think and concentrate what is really necessary for you to be in focus, ¿what does not like you in your everyday life?: remove it, remember we are talking about influence other humans in the more positive way you can with your thoughts and personality, there is so many ways we can help each other with the internet, is amazing how information can travel at a speed light, out thought I bet can travel even faster than that, inside the ‘perception realm’, what can be called ‘social space’, I´m talking about the ‘place’ where the ‘awareness’ is and where we can perceive each other presence and personal spaces and as consequence we can value the social disposition of ‘shapes’ or other social ‘posture’ as believes or standings, the place where we share values calling that “ conventional socialism” of values: “the society”, there, inside that ‘space’ internet in having one of the mayor impacts on human kind at a world wide scale, recently I knew about a project Google is working on for having the major amount of the internet content not just in English as it is right now, but available to all languages with a new technology that could translate everything instantaneously, so think in that when you are blogging: If you are human, so that means the universe has made room for you since the day you come to this world, and that every



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