What is our true power?

How is possible that a mom lift up a 1-ton vehicle for avoiding his little son ended step by the car’s wheel? Well, we all have hear this sort of stories someday, this stories are difficult to be proved because the “fact” when happening, there is nobody there to document it, but there are others that have been documented, for example, shaolin monks laying over very sharped swords and the edge of it produces no any damage to the monk, it amazing to see it and I think everybody has seen this kind of show some day, at least in YouTube there are many videos like this ones, ok, I know you are thinking I am going to talk about the “mental concentration stuff” and “the will force”, yes, we all already know about these subjects, somehow is already popular knowledge, maybe we never going to finish to talk about that subject, BUT, how in the holy sake we can apply something we already know for so long but we still thinking about how to achieve or daily goals? Well, I just already mention a BIG important part of the answer: “We most to have goals to achieve”, if we don´t have them in sight, how can we be even dream to someday bull´s eye them? The more knowledge we have about “the features of the target” the more probable is we get them accomplished, for example the sniper rifle must to have “all the features” involved in aiming the target: color, time, general features, special references, velocity of the win, velocity of the target if it is traveling, direction of the target, distance, kind of weather, even the calculations about the curving of the planet, they need all kind of information about the target, and so after is when the brain of the sniper can calculate and take the shoot taking as a basis all the knowledge involved in the shoot, in marketing, must be the same, but first, tell me something, at what you are going to aim?, off course you going to answer that the aim is “make money”, but let´s be real, you and me know that most of the people, don´t know even where to start for taking leverage over the technology and what is more, they don´t have a clue that is possible to team and “partner up with people all over the word making business”, the phrase “making business online” sound so abstract that there is people that don´t even believe that is possible to “use the internet” for building a real business, specially people that just use the PC to check the email and review the daily stuff about paper work, I meant, people that execute in their daily chores mechanical activities, but here, in this business is necessary something more than “wanting money” people need to have a special mind set and really want to learn to be or transform himself into an entrepreneur always wanting to go forward, always seeking new way to improve their business, maybe a part of the marketing generated infrastructure or maybe still developing new skills for becoming a better marker, always be “on something”, always be “the man of the plan”, always with something in mind; that is a true entrepreneur, always be willing to invest: time, energy and money, always surrounded by people that know more than him, and with the “scheme” in mind about learning from that people, the great thinker “Jim Rohn ones said: “We can have more because we can be more”. But… What else is needed for always having a target at sight? Ok, let´s say this again because is very important: “information”.

The importance of information: We need not just information but knowledge.

What is knowledge?: It is information that can be executed. Information is just data, without the right information we just can´t use the data, even if it is useful, but we need information first. And for getting this step there are two options: 1. knowledge can be learn by ourselves, like for example the science discoveries are knowledge learn by a methodology that can lead the researchers to “understand” something new and maybe apply it in the industry or for creating a new medicine, etc. That knowledge has been downloaded from the “universe” because that discovery always has been already there but without the understanding that it was there, after the discovery is like if it start to “exist” for us from there on, and the number 2. The other way to acquire knowledge is by learning from someone that already has that knowledge and because “is knowledge” so it´s useful and when is executed in practical applications, it works; it functions, because the discovery is already in front of us. In a marketing sales process, think about for example: “How could you track all the movements like visit rates, clicks, the number of times people are watching your contents over the internet, the number of times people see a video, the portions of the video that people reward over and over, the way to rate sales, the number of new visitor per day, visitors per mount, pear year, number of visits you get on your banners online while making publicity, the best time to launch a link in a previously recorded video, etc. lots of different kind of tracking that can be done in online sites, tell me, how you could do that? That sound very complicated right? Surely by now, you must to be inferring that must to exist a special software to do that, yes, it does, buy, even if you know the name of the software, in the hands of a not experience person is like giving a ninja sword to a children, and besides that, there are probably thousands of “things to do” for getting sales, what I have say about the “tracking” is just an important part of the marketing activities, but is not the whole needed to know about “sales online”, this subject is an entire science, is not easy, requires more that few skills; myself I am in the process to learning about this subject. This time my point is: How to get knowledge speedily, and the answer is very easy: COACHING, anybody that really wants to advance faster in the “what to do for doing it right away”, coaching is needed, that is the maximum leverage you can find anywhere, coaching can take your business to the next level. When you talk to a person one to one, that person can tell you something that can touch your mind in a very special way, there is when you finally perceive that in the “other side of the monitor” is actually a real person, and because the person is “real” you can realize that the results of the coach also can be yours because you can duplicate them, I meant, you can see that because is a real person like you, so, you also can high your business as well as the other person; maybe part of the conversation the person going to tell you about the way he also struggle as well as you, there can be is the moment where you may feel rapport with another human and activate the natural desire of wanting something good for yourself just as the person you feel admiration and feel impel to follow due his leadership was also able to get it. All what a coach explain you, that knowledge can come to you very fast, but this happen just when the “knowledge” comes from another human, that is one of the most outstanding parts to mention about “coaching”, I believe that one of the most strongest moments that can impact our life is when we make contact with the “right person”, in my case that is what happen to me, out there are amazing people that completely change my life and that I been in touch for a while since I meet them online, they inspire me, and the same thing is going to happen with you with the right people online.

The importance of objectives and it´s relation with personal advancements.

In my experience, for reach to see any kind of necessary advancement: first, coaching, and second, work by objectives. There are many things to see and learn about the online business, even for example a little tutorial like the mechanics of how to make publicity in FaceBook can turn into a whole business, there are experts in FaceBook strategies, and considering FaceBook is an evolving business, there is an enormous amount of content that can be delivered about this social media website. What I am trying to say is: Objectives give you direction and help you to see what is going to be the “consequence” in “response” to your “actions”, why I say so? Because every time you execute something, there is going to be a result, this could be: money wasting, time loosing, and other stuffs on the road and in general for avoiding “pain and money waste ” coaching become very important for you, in a 30 min talk, a coach can give you a hint to check like a book to read or something crucial that is going to help you, with coaching you going to take shortcuts, and save much failures, but at the same time you going to experience in your own flesh the leverage because you going to advance much faster toward the right direction: Your goals.
Something useful you can use is a “check list”, yes, I know, sounds very simple, sounds almost stupid, like getting ready for buying the list for the kitchen, but believe me, is not, in fact, is one of the most powerful strategies for advancing toward your objectives with a sharp focus, this same “check list” is the one that help the Rockefeller brother to build their empire, the secret with the great functionality of this apparently simple list is that the way it works although seems easy but it adapts pretty well to the same way the human brain works, it works by objectives, as simple as if you want a glass with water, before to drinking it you must to develop the “memory” of what is what you are looking for, when you have focus in your mind the “glass water” is when your mind begins the needed different processes to look for it and find it, if you are not thinking in the “glass water” you won´t find it even if you have it in front of you because if you are not thinking in the “glass water” but are thinking in finding the keys of the car, is pointless your brain look for anything else than the keys of the car. The objectives work in the same way, if you have a little list of five important “to does” for today, your brain going to aim toward the accomplishment of that particular tasks, all the mental resources going to be work in favor to the accomplishment of that specific target, your brain going to prioritize really important “to does” for getting the five important points and also going to put aside what is not important, even if you think about this is even a matter of simple logic, exactly: logic, that is how the brain is wired for, in fact is a logic device, the more “logic” the brain received assignments the more easy going to be for it to “get it” and execut the chores. Maybe could sound a little weird the way I talk about the brain as a “logic machine” that received “orders”, but is not, the “evidence” shows that is not and the evidence is manifested by the fact that people “feel they can´t get the establishment of their goals” especially in “online marketing” due to seems that are thousands of assignments to fulfill, but the key is just to follow the right sequence and exactly in this step is where comes out again the importance of coaching. A coach is going to tell you the surgical movements to get with the least effort and pain the realization of a specific goal, like “how to do for leverage right away with an amazing sales system”, or “what to do for getting a marketing blog”, or “what to do for having a business online right away”. As last point I would like to tell you that you must learn what chores are mechanic and what is critical, and the best type of objectives to aim is the critical, because the mechanical points if you learn how to hire people those points can be given to an employee like for example a banner installation, or a banner graphical design, now is with the internet and job international portals is not improbable to hire a FaceBook manager because although this activity is connected with “service to clients” and “the making of public relations” but is not intimately connected with “sales closing”. Develop the costume to carry on your pocket this little list with five daily points that can be the difference between growing and not be growing in your business, this is said not to me, but from people with a height in business such as the Rockefeller brothers.


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