Finding Deep Reason To Own A Good Blog.

Finding Deep Reason To Own A Good Blog.


Can you believe if I tell you that right now one of the most profitable niches out there is the “traffic of information”? and let’s put clear that “traffic” means nothing illegal but the opposite, means that one of the mayor merchandises “for sale” are the information, yes, right now, we are in the information era, I’m sure you already know that, and I´m also pretty sure you would like to possess for e.g. a petroleum well, why? simple, because with a little “well” you could buy all your dreams, the house you are dreams, the dreamed car, the dreamed vacations and all the stuff you are thinking money can buy, and also because petroleum is another “thing” can be sold and buy just as the “information”, booth are “assets” and as such, can be “extracted” from somewhere, the petroleum is obtain from a well, and as we all can perceived there is so much that apparently is almost a never ending extraction of it, and mmm about the information… I have good news… God, gave us to every one of us the mayor well of information you can imagine, and what is best,

the more we learn, the more we know about some subject, the more we interact with another pears, the more enrichment our “never ending well” will give us, not just information like boring data but will give us abundance in all the extension of the significance also it our well will give us wisdom and knowledge to improve our life and also of more people, in fact I truly believe that our inside is just not a well, but our physical body is just the entrance of a vast and eternal universe of richness and abundance, is just enough to observe the ants walking on the flour and see how much they with the very little bodies and behavior, how much wisdom we can extract from them, how many teaching and wisdom are surrounding us in every detail in the nature, I disagree absolutely with the saying about there is “poorness” in the world, what poorness if even in the wind and structure of every plant, insects, in the sky, the stars, there is so much to learn, as I say before, I believe our body, our mind, is the very entrance to all that vastness of information our there, awaiting us to be discovered  and share our discoveries, communicate to other people that valuable information, the more useful what we know, the better usage and daily application it going to have for others and in consequence, the more it going to improve the other´s lives, right now, we have at hand the valuable tool of the “internet thing” to improve other people life, it can be in any form, if we choose about marketing like in my case, this is one of my passions, and this is my choose, the channel I have choose to help other people´s life, ¿what about you? ¿would you be impel to own a good blog? Remember, the higher level a human can ever possess to live a meaningful life is the level called “significance” or “meaning” and that concept is related with transcendence, every culture and every human want that, even at a not conscious level because we all want to go to that richness out there in the universe, we know we belong to the stars, and there is the place we want to go, in fact, this truth goes beyond the daily awareness because in fact, we are right now “in the stars”, we are traveling inside a beautiful blue sphere called “our home” and we want to confirm we are achieving the reason we are right here, we want transcendence, and the way to achieve it is by serving others, by living for extracting information from the vastness and teaching others our amazing discovering. We never must to stop to be amazed about the universe and about others. Share your discoveries with us through a good blog, we all are awaiting for you.

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I am passionate about the subject of Network Marketing, I keep improving my skills by always be learning something, always making the most for reaching out new friends, I keep positive and I enjoy helping and teaching others, spending time with my friends. My favorite quotes are: "Whether you think you can or you can not, with the two options can be right." :-)
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