This is what is really necessary to start blogging right away

September 15, 2012



2012-09-15_0148Welcome to this new post, I want to tell you the reason why we should start posting, and  is very simple: we need public exposition to the whole world and without that, there is no business on the internet, and what is more… without public exposition is no business on the internet, in the streets, in the radio, or wherever it be, without PUBLIC EXPOSITION there is no business anywhere in the world in any kind of business, and I say this so remarkably because even though this is very simple to grasp, when we are beginning to build your new branded and shining blog, just seems like the universe conspire against us for stopping us to start posting right away, but the reality is just about a procrastination problem, I think at the bottom of us, maybe we think we are not good enough as we would like to be, maybe we are afraid that our ideas are not so good, but the reality is that none of it is true, the reality is that humans have the strong tendency to under estimate our true potential, we under estimate the infinite that within us, yes, we underestimate that inside of us, there has been always, since the day we “come to the world” that the universe is inside of us, yes, think that, the very universe is inside of us, the infinite, the abundance is in our nature, we have thousands of millions of everything, of cells, of neurons, of red cells, of ideas, abundance is in our hearth, the truth is we are part of the very universe, because we come from it, and for it, we are creatures for been here in abundance, shaping part or the all, and the all shaping part of us, we have been engraved with the seal of the excellency, and beauty, nothing in us is “ugly”, even the term “ugliness”, or “beautiness” is just another abstract concept in this universe of abundance, inside of this “abundance”, this universe, here is space for everyone and for everything, everything is prefect because there is nothing missing, and also, there is nothing left, even as the time I´m typing there letters they do not belong to me, but belong to the all that the universe is containing, that makes this post beautiful and perfect, this post do not belong to me nether, because my mind also belong to the universe, my physical head and my mind belong to the universe, all new bloggers should remember this truth, just do what the great Michel Angel used to do when producing art, when he was producing the beautiful “David” he say the sculpture was already inside the stone, he just remove the rock that what did not allow us see what was locked inside. For begging to post just open your heart and your mind and let all that beauty you borne with become to be present here with us, remember that there is nothing more powerful than thoughts and that these ones, can penetrate and surpass everything, thoughts can surpass even dead, even time, they can remain even forever and if you doubt it, just think: even today we can understand the reasons the pyramid constructors had for building such amazing ideas shaped into pyramids, the truth is that every piece of the “real material” that has change the world somehow has been the “thoughts” and the “material” has come directly from the “nowhere” , it has come right from the infinite “within” of someone that took the decision to manifest those thoughts. Think that the very essence of the self been in creative, the very essence to “be” is: “to be”, I meant, the very essence of “been” is produce thoughts, yes, that is the very true power of the self been, the true power is: “to produce thoughts” in an unstoppable way, yes, at the very moment of thinking and “producing thoughts” is at that very moment were the self been is becoming “to be”, that is us, the thinking ability is what makes us to be. This is a little reflection to help you to realize why you are more than capacitated to start blogging right away, share your thoughts and share your love.

With Heart.

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