What happen if I want to have my own profesional blog but I don´t know where to even start? What can I do?

This page is for starters, people that are already aware of the real necesity to have ASAP one fully funtional blog but they face the “techy problem” to have one. The startes in this point finally realice that in reallity is not just about to rent a server service, but also there are also minimum basic techy isues to solve “inside the blog”, to solve that for one that know exactly what to do is very easy, but for a new one is not because the new person doen´t know not even what to look for, e.g. the “fantastico deluxe” and then after your find it, the problem becomes what it does and so on and so on, I don´t want to talk to much about techy isues right now, is not the goal. We, I meant,  the bloggers a little bit more old, we could think about the basic as for granted, but that is my point, they are not and I want to help to those ones that want to make a quick and basic installation to have the capacity to start blogging right away, with this free out of charge service from my part, I want to disapear the start techy barrier,  and also the frase: “I don´t blog because I don´t know how to install my blog” I know you could hire someone, maybe a a more complete service, lot more, I know, but if you don´t give the first step, when it going to be? For becoming a good blogger require time and efford, that is for shure, this is technology and at leat we are some sort of Trinity or Neo and have a plug in the back of the head we going to do get it in 5 secs. :D  but I don´t think we are. I going to help you to take that “first faith step” for having a blog intalled right at your own server, I think this service, if you hire someone in the US, maybe he can charge you 200 USD or 300 USD, maybe. If you deside that I can help you I´m at your disposition, just give me the next:

  • Be trully willing to start your blog.
  • To have your credit cart at hand, and go to rent your server plan, the plan if you are starting I suggest you it´s name is “baby plan” by hosgator company. actually is very simplistic to rent the service, is just matter to follow the sequencial steps of the buying process.
  • Ones you already  have rented your server…
  • Get me at FaceBook to talk, I´m going to configure your blog just for free with out any charge.

Note: Ones I´m inside of your back office, by default, I don´t have access to the “billing” zone, so that mines, I´m not able to “see” your sensible data. You your self can ask this in the Hosgator support ticket system before send me your information. The billing area, is ourside the Cpanel, the place where the blog installation is needed.

If you have already rented the service, you going to recive a Hosgator confirmation at your personal e-mail. Send me to my email “info@arturomontess.com” the following data (but first contact me in FaceBook, just to say hi!):

  • The URL of your server, this data must to be something alike to this:
  • http://nameofmysite.com:5976/frontend/x7/index.php
  • Your Cpanel password
  • Your Cpanel loggin


With out this data, I could not be able to install your blog, I will not be able to enter into the server.

After installing your blog, the blog technology will send me to my personal email some data about the blog installation, ones I have the data, i going to fordware you the data, i suggest you keep them well, don´t forget them because i going to delete permanently the data from my email, i will not able to recover the data if you loose it, the data is:

The SQL data names, the logging and password, and the URL to enter to your blog back office. Ones you are right inside your back office blog, your´ll be able to start blogging right away. Our there exist, some blog services for free, like the wordpress service, but forget about them, they don´t work if you are thinking in build up a serius blog for monetizing.

This is a resume about what I going to do for you:

  1.  I going to send you the URL or you to enter into the blog back office.
  2. Your Password.
  3. Your Logging.
  4. 5 plugins. I going to install this pluging that since my undestanding are basic and necesary you have them.
    1. Akismet. It scan and clean in automatic your blog against spam.
    2. Hide Pages. Help you to create hiden pages for visible fot the public.
    3. All in one SEO Pack. This is for SEO tachies.
    4. Google XML site map. This is for causing Google to read your blog, that mines, people going to be able to find you via Google, with out this pluging or maybe something similar any blog is lost because Google can´t find it.
    5.  Tiny MCE Advance: For improving significantly your text edditing pannel.


Some final recomendations:

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