Hi!, my name is Arturo Montes S. and I live in México, thank you for been here and for showing interest about what I´m doing right now, I also have a personal blog in Spanish, this is me. I´m on the subject about marketing, I think my heart pumps faster with it, I like to read and be hearing audios, watching videos, reviewing stuff about the subject all the time, I like all about the personal development stuff, I like also pop music, 80´s and 90´s music but I think I prefer better an spoken audio teaching me something, I like the sea, the movie theater, I love action movies and share time with my friends, I believe the world can become a better place, I believe we must have faith it will, I believe in humanity. 

I also believe humans have the capacity to grow forever in love and be productive in so many different ways that with work and faith our inner person can become influential and empower others, in fact I know that we always do that, that is why we can help others even sometimes without noticing it, that is what has happened to me with many amazing people I have met over the internet, and some others in person. 

Some Time Back 

I study graphic design and I had the opportunity to met good people at that stage of my life, again, people that influence me until today in many different positive aspects, I started to work there with computers, and I enter into the apps word, updates and versions, ;-) I fall in love of computers; I have been collaborating also a little bit here and some other there, that is the reason I have had the opportunity to interact  with very interesting people: photographers, engineers, graphic designers, artist, and more professionals, all clever people, I´m a permanent volunteer in a worldwide campaign of bible education without charge, I believe this book is top interesting, for example, recently have been inform that out there, in the marketing word, some of the best network marketers have been able to take out ‘high ticket programs’ about marketing and networking, all based on teaching from the bible, wow! That is hot! Personally I feel deep respect for this book.

We can keep going.

I believe life has circles, some get open and others close, is like a pumping that life has.  I say this because must to be our concern, especially as growing networkers, the “personal developments” has attract me a lot, I love it, this vehicle can take any one to an exiting life journey and also this same vehicle can extend the opportunity to help others as well.

Finding the way. 

Not all the time I though like this, also there were a “dark age” in my life fill with negative thoughts, bad food and bad feelings, I think that stages sometimes must to occur in life while finding our way, but I believe failure is the path to success, and success is a stage of the mind, many answers are inside of us, but first, we must to recognize them.

Final Words

Maybe as final words, as part of sharing a little bit about me, I can tell that something that has change my life has been a gradual transition trough “technology” for business upgrading to “Using Techy in a smart way for business”. Something I find very interesting is to realize we can use technology in a smart way to reach out the “right” people to build up our life in all senses. I think that is marketing all about: differentiation, I really like this subject.


I feel honored with you for been here on this site and been acquainted a little bit about whom I am and what I´m doing right now, feel at your home. You can find me on FaceBook clicking here and on Twitter click here. Hope to know about you soon, and by the way… If you are looking to learn marketing using technology for reaching out the “right people” please, don´t hesitate and ask me. I can tell you where to start.  ;-)


With Heart.

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