3 basic steps to become a true leader in your MLM company

3 basic steps to become a true leader in your MLM company

Step one: the opposite to “disbelieve” in yourself

What if I told you that all of us come from dysfunctional environments? In a certain way, that statement is true, even in the better families are dysfunctionalities, not because I dare to day that the perfect family don´t exist, but is a fact that we all have “issues” to solve. All person at some point, we develop “issues” some way or another, not for the fault of a good parenting, or not because we didn´t attend at the best school or wherever reason you make up, but according with the doctor Art Martin in this book: “Your body is talking are you listening?” he explain that because of “alterations” in the memories due to the natural mechanisms of “human perception”. ¿What is “the reality”? Reality is abstract, it don´t exist, but only in the mind of the perceptor shaping a “perception”, reality is a matter of “interpretation”. During childhood we “shape” a perception that is not “entirely real” because what an individual observe and perceive is just a part of “that particular reality” because can be “other realities”, maybe what we get is not what actually is happening. Parallel to this matter we have what is called: “self-talk” and this is the inner talk or discourse we craft about ourselves, this called “self-talk” is a sequence of thoughts we accumulate every day because we choose to have them, and we choose to choose them, e.g. if we think we are smart is because we have nurture that idea and we act in consequence of that thoughts because we function with logic. We are the thinkers of the thoughts, so we can choose what to think and what to believe, and that is our power, but we have to become aware of that truth, we can choose to believe in ourselves, if we want to, but we have to develop the “logic” behind the self-opinion that we are trustworthy, we have to recognize ourselves our accomplishments, and always set goals one after another toward what we want, after all become a winner does not meant that your have to win, I say: “become a winner” is related with “be a winner”: BE, the key word is BE, not HAVE but to live and that implies to think and the thoughts convey in “actions”, and every little action we take toward “wining” going to be something that we meditated previously because a “path” is follow by previous planning, planning is something that is meant to exist for been follow and executed under an orderly schedule, a schedule is related with constancy, constancy is related with several little actions repeated over and over  until a patron take place, a patron is measured and predictable because it can be represented under stats and numbers, and stats can give us feedback about what we are doing and we can correct direction if necessary. But all start with “a believe”, about how we want to become. We don’t have potential but we are potential, and we can reach our goals out because if we really believe something, inconsequence there are a very good probabilities that can turn into real, or personal reality, and also, our personal reality can be turn into the reality of many.

Step two: have goals.

Yes, sorry if you have heard this before. But goals are absolutely of paramount importance, without goals, is impossible to even think is success, without goals there is nothing to aim, without goals is impossible to schedule, without goals… schedule for what? For doing what?, this matter is of primary importance, absolutely it is. Now the problem is: “how to know what is next?” good question right? But actually the answer is very easy: get near by someone that knows more than you. Get near by someone that have cross the path that you want to cross, ask for advice, the more wise is not to be wise but ask the advice of the a wise one. Wise is related not with an astonishing amount of knowledge but is enough if that person is wiser for even “one single result” that you also want for yourself, and this way of thinking lead us to realizing that tactically speaking, everyone is a wise person, especially in this  internet era, if I know one single strategy about how to get ONE quality prospect every day, or every 2 days, or every 8 days… tell me, isn´t worthy to nearby me and find out what is this strategy about, does it? Tell me, is not the MLM business people the ones that need more people for making the business even every day? I think is worthy. And this is just a single example, realize this is very true, and by the way, if you don´t know how to use for instance FaceBook for prospecting click here. But, the point is: have the mental disposition to “open” the window and by “a window” I meant: the opportunity. Using the window of the internet we can have access to amazing people out there, but think in this: FOCUS. This concept is related to “give away the noise” around us, FOCUS, just to do one thing at a time, not multi task because your head get noise and you lose FOCUS, remember, one task after another, one task after another. For walking is the same, one step after another. One step at a time, and after a little bit of practice, then you can even run, that is the way to do it, just after get master a “series” of little tasks they are able to be “automatized” by your brain, and the tasks can be executed even faster, for example, for “posting” this body text, is not entirely “easy” because first, is needed to master the back office of my blog, first I have to buy a blogging course, after of that, I have to learn the principles of SEO, and so forth: One task at a time. You must to take an “information diet”,  don´t overwhelmed  your head, we are very intelligent, we have almost an infinite capacity to learn, but learning is a process, it have stages, and part of the stages is that even sleeping is necessary, even while sleeping the brain still working getting ready for the next day to continue learning.  Actually is pretty interesting that subject, but the secret is: ask to another more wise that you over a particular subject about the “what to do”; do it and still in Focus, execute your dally little check points to do that day, and after that day past, do the same again and again and again, until you start to see the feedback of whatever you are doing.

Step tree: The universe is energy.

This is something very simple to grasp and if we apply it is very easy to use it: the universe is energy, without energy the universe wouldn´t exist, we are energy, every cell, every atom is shaping part of our body is energy, tremendous amount of energy are constantly flowing from one place to another, the energy always still transforming in itself from one kind of energy manifestation to another, even thoughts are another manifestation of energy because the brain must to have brain chemistry to function, the thoughts flow out from our mind and we can “create” something that wasn´t there before but the surrounding were transform into a new kind of creation, there exist certain outcome as a result we “push” or exercise our energy toward some direction for bringing out some specific accomplished goal, the point is: we can “exercise energy toward some goal” or “toward some specific direction to get something into the future”, if we want to move an energy unity, we need tree energy unities, one single unity is not enough to brake the inertia not even two but tree, because tree is beyond the equity of the amount of energy represented by that initial static unity and the accumulation of energy represented for those tree unities toward a “goal” break the inertia to produce “a change”, this principle were extracted by a logical mind of someone because also I learned this little reflexing about the “energy measures”, is not mine, but is very good to understand that if we do something, there is some logical point where we are going to get results from our actions, this information is handy if we really want to know the third step: “If we apply energy toward something, we going to break wherever inertia there is”, the inertia can be represented for “ignorance”, been static feeling that “we don´t advance” in our objectives, not making money, don´t knowing what to do for promoting a product online, don´t having online presence, don´t knowing where to start for producing our own brand, don’t having our own info product, etc. if we apply an “intelligent sequence of energy unities under a master plan for accomplishing something specific, there is going to be a point where we going to have results, the success is not an objective, is a path. Success is a way of thinking, in a metaphorical way speaking if this way of thinking were represented by a suit, so we could tell that we can embody this way of thinking. I think this is clever isn´t it? Finally, I would like to give you the direction of a window to be able to learn how to have a business online and “know what to do” with the right people having amazing results in the business online, here you can nearby a tough people in marketing online, very serious ones. Some of them are making huge numbers; do you understand what I meant? Huge numbers indeed!.


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